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KM Dental Ltd.
Private Medical College of Dental Technique

Adres: 54-239 Wrocław, ul. Ojców Oblatów 1
(przy kościele M. B. Królowej Pokoju)
Telefon: 71 350 61 66
Faks: 71 350 61 66
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Advantages of the college:

  • status of public school granted by Ministry for Health and Social Care;
  • foreign and polish lecturers;
  • high and modern level of teaching;
  • profession trainings in Germany and Great Britain;
  • learning English and German languages, courses include dental technology vocabulary.

Classes take place from 8.00 to 19.00. The main aim of the college is educating graduates, who will be able to use highly recognized dental technology and modern materials including equipment.

The college is of modern maintenance. Dental laboratories are maintained very well, which has provided us to lead classes on superlative level.

The college has its' own dentist surgery at Legnicka Street 57, tel. (00 48 71) 352 15 63 which assures dental care.

The college provides a educational programme of Ministry for Health and Social Care, Ministry of Education and is authorized by the City & Guilds of London Institute.

The New World Wide approaches in technology, materials and equipment including "ceramic build up of Crown & Bridge technology and attachment's" are to be successive introduced.

Practical work for students: Dental Laboratories in Poland, Germany, Great Britain.

Education system: daily courses.

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The pedagogic personnel consist of the best teachers. They have recognized qualifications.

The head mistress of the college has higher pedagogic education, second degree of dental technology and more than 45 years job seniority as dental technician and more than 35 years job as qualified teacher. She has completed courses in modern dental technology in Germany and Great Britain. She publishes in international dental magazines. She has international rights Licentiateship of City & Guilds of London Institute.

Lecturers and consultants from Poland and abroad:

  • Dr Teresa Maślanka - Medical Academy in Wrocław;
  • Prof. dr hab. Adam Ziętek - Medical Academy in Wrocław;
  • Mrs Aniela Beerberg - VITA Zahnfabrik - Germany;
  • Mr Jerzy Osłów - technical consultant of VITA Zahnfabrik in Poland;
  • Waldemar Osypiuk M.A., LCGI - Poland;
  • Barbara Masłowska M.A., LCGI - Poland;
  • Michael Broad, University of Glasgow - Dentistry Faculty, Scotland,
  • William Grant Taylor, University of Glasgow
    - Dentistry Faculty, Scotland,

Teaching personnel :

  • M. A. Krystyna Kuryło-Mazurkiewicz - LCGI Licentiateship of City & Guilds of London Institute, The founder, Director of College.
  • M. A. Halina Tybińska-Rzepa - Pedagogic Director.
  • M. A. Helena Frączek - Subject taught: dental technique laboratory, orthodontic laboratory.
  • Zdzisława Michna - Subjects taught: dental technique laboratory, orthodontic laboratory, practical.
  • M. A. Józef Ragiel - Subject taught: German language.
  • Doctor of Economics Wojciech Misiński - Subject taught: Foundations of Law and Economics in Health Care.
  • D.M. Krystyna Szymańska-Gęsicka - Subject taught: dental technique, dental surgery - practical.
  • D.M. Beata Tokarczuk - Subject taught: Orthodontics.
  • M. A. Sławomir Grzechnik - Subject taught: Physical Education.
  • M. A. Katarzyna Wojczak-Karasińska - Master's Degree in Tutelary and Rehabilitation Pedagogy, Pedagogical School of Higher Education in Częstochowa, Post M.A. studies in dental technique, completed many vocational courses.
  • Karol Jastrzębski - Assistant: dental technique laboratory, orthodontics laboratory.

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Private Medical College of Dental Techniques

Private Medical College of Dental Techniques realizes the Polish Programme of Ministry Education, programme number: 322(09), additionally realizes the programme of City & Guilds of London International Institute (scheme number 7391 a joint award by Private Medical College of Dental techniques in Wrocław, Poland and City & Guilds of London Institute).

Teaching subjects:

  1. Gymnastics and swimming-pool.
  2. Dental Anatomy, Physiology and Morphology.
  3. Teeth carving.
  4. Dental Materials, included:
    - impression materials;
    - gypsum products;
    - dental waxes for inlays, crowns, pontics, partial and full dentures;
    - denture base materials - acrylic resins;
    - dental cements;
    - composite resins;
    - metals and dental metal alloys;
    - porcelain;
    - dental investment;
    - glazing and polishing materials.
  5. Orthodontics.
  6. Orthodontics laboratory, included among others fabrication of:
    - appliances;
    - sectional appliance;
    - regainer-maintainer;
    - bitegage;
    - bandelette plate;
    - X plate;
    - active plate.
  7. Dental techniques Laboratory, included fabrication of:
    Acrylic work:
    - complete dentures;
    - immediate dentures.
    - partial casting dentures;
    - crown & bridge.
    AND all stages of above procedures, for example:
    - preparing of models and Die models;
    - waxing of copings, pontics and acrylic removable dentures;
    - flasking;
    - investing;
    - casting;
    - finishing and polishing acrylic and framework;
    - using of technology of porcelain-fused-to-metal.
  8. Work with patients.
  9. Practical work for students in last semester of studying (two weeks in Poland or abroad).
  10. Science of economy, included:
    - knowledge of organization of dental laboratory work;
    - dental laboratories formation.
  11. English language lessons.
  12. Germany language lessons.
  13. ADDITIONALLY only in our college:
    - Articulators (Ka Vo - company);
    - Prof. Gerber Condylator;
    - face-bows;
    - porcelain work;
    - composite work;
    - attachments;
    - implants;
    and more opportune novelties.

Graduates received speciality: dental technician and International Advanced Crown & Bridge Dental Technician Certificate of City & Guilds of London Institute which enables them to work anywhere in the world.

Full time of education: two and half years.
System of education: stationary.
Speciality: dental technician.

Criterion of acceptance for beginning of study:

  • interview,
  • manual test of ability,
  • doctor capable opinion for study of dental technician speciality.

Received job: dental laboratories.

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54-239 Wrocław, ul. Ojców Oblatów 1
(przy kościele M. B. Królowej Pokoju)
tel./faks 71 350 61 66
tel. kom. 602 388 613

E, 103, 122, 127, 128, 135, 403

3, 10, 21, 22, 23

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